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Chimaira "The Age Of Hell" CD+DVD Digi


To live in Cleveland, Ohio, more of a sunken hole than a driven notch in the Midwest rustbelt, is to not only encounter, but embrace the crippling winters, the broken jawed economy, and the expectations of defeat. All of which culminate in the very specific attitude of not only being an asshole, but being an asshole and an underdog. None of this is lost on Chimaira. Now, after over 12 years of defining what Cleveland metal and brutal music should sound like, Chimaira advances their trademark brand of heavy with their latest monster, “The Age of Hell” (Release: August 26th, 2011).

1. The Age Of Hell 3:32
2. Clockwork 3:43
3. Losing My Mind 4:57
4. Time Is Running Out 4:13
5. Year Of The Snake 3:41
6. Beyond The Grave 4:54
7. Born In Blood 4:08
8. Stoma 1:28
9. Powerless 4:31
10. Trigger Finger 3:54
11. Scapegoat 4:32
12. Samsara 6:12
13. Scum Of The Earth 5:03
14. Your Days Are Numbered 3:02
15. Wild Thing 2:29

+ Bonus DVD
“The Age Of Hell” interview
- approx. 51 min
- language: english

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