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Image of The Hirsch Effekt "Holon: Hiberno" CD-Bundle

The Hirsch Effekt "Holon: Hiberno" CD-Bundle

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Bundles contain CD (Release: August 7th, 2015) (incl. Bonus Tracks) plus a The Hirsch Effekt shirt.

CD comes in a super jewel case incl. 5 Bonus Tracks.

In 2010, hanover-based The Hirsch Effekt caused a sensation in the german music scene with their debut album "Holon: Hiberno". Their homogeneous mix of genres, ranging from metal to chamber music, impressed critics and music lovers alike and quickly became the band's trademark.

Tracklisting CD Edition:
1 Epistel/Calmo
2 Epistel/Vigoroso
3 Nex
4 Intervallum: Pulsus
5 Zoetrop
6 Lentevelt
7 Intervallum: Cadentia
8 Laxamentum/Assorto
9 Laxamentum/Agitato
10 Laxamentum/Requiem
11 Intervallum: Motette
12 Vituperator
13 Intervallum: Litus
14 Hiberno
15 Arcanum
16 Epitaph/Meno
17 Epitaph/Lugubre
18 Epitaph/Maestoso
19. Lentevelt/Live (Bonus Track)
20. Vituperator/Live (Bonus Track)
21. Arcanum/PERIGÆUM Version (Bonus Track)
22. Lentevelt/PERIGÆUM Version (Bonus Track)
23. Hiberno/PERIGÆUM Version (Bonus Track)

(Shirt will look similar to the mock up)

(Shirtdesign is printed on: Gildan - Softstyle)

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