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Agent Fresco "Duo" LP-Bundle


Vinyl Bundle of Agent Fresco's "A Long Time Listening" and "Destrier":


Available in a LP sleeve incl. limited 180g green-black marbled vinyls, printed innersleeves and download code.

A Long Time Listening, originally released in 2010, caused disbelieving faces, breathless wonder and bottomless enthusiasm for a passionate musical display like this. Prog Rock, Avantgarde, Metal or Alternative? Jazz, Post Rock or even Djent? Even by the wide-open standards of Icelandic music Agent Fresco’s interpretation of the rock genre is unusually soulful and multi-layered, with a quicksilver rhythmic pulse and mother-of-pearl harmonies reflecting every mood colour imaginable.

LP1 - Side A
1 Anemoi
2 He Is Listening
3 Eyes Of A Cloud Catcher
4 Silhouette Palette
5 Of Keen Gaze

LP1 - Side B
6 Translations
7 A Long Time Listening
8 In The Dirtiest Deep Of Hope
9 Yellow Nights

LP2 - Side C
10 Paused
11 Implosions
12 Almost A Whisper
13 Pianissimo

LP2 - Side D
14 One Winter Sailing
15 Tiger Veil
16 Above These City Lights
17 Tempo


Available as Double Gatefold Vinyl Edition incl. 180g orange vinyls (Release: August 7th, 2015), printed innersleeves and album download code.

Agent Fresco managed to maintain the musical variety of the debut album, but stretch it even further. Destrier is a journey through every guitar-driven genre developed before, with influences ranging from classical music to philosophy, from poetry to ancient myth, to create their very own brew of emotionally packed pieces.

LP1 - Side A
1 Let Them See Us
2 Dark Water
3 Pyre

LP1 - Side B
4 Destrier
5 Wait For Me
6 Howls

LP2 - Side A
7 The Autumn Red
8 Citadel
9 See Hell
10 Let Fall The Curtain

LP2 - Side B
11 Bemoan
12 Angst
13 Death Rattle
14 Mono No Aware

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