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Annisokay "The Lucid Dream[er]" CD


Annisokay is a 5-piece up and coming post-hardcore act reigning in from Halle, Germany. They have laid their foundation with a driving rhythmic and melodic backbone that brings to life soulful singing with earth-quaking screams. On their debut LP “The Lucid Dream[er]”, the band took the concepts of nightmares and lucid dreaming and explored the depths of the human mind by applying these dream metaphors to everyday situations in life.
(release date: May 27th, 2014)

01 The Final Round 03:53
02 Sky 03:45
03 Anniversary 03:32
04 Firewalk 04:04
05 Monstercrazy 04:26
06 Who Am I 03:25
07 The Believer 02:43
08 Insanity 03:31
09 Ghost Of Me 03:21
10 By The Time 03:09
11 Where Do I Start 03:51
Bonus Tracks
12 Day To Day Tragedy 03:44
13 Wasted & Useful 03:42
14 The Final Round (HoppiTronic Remix) 04:57

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