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Drowning Pool "Hellelujah" Bundle


HELLELUJAH Bundle including CD (Release: February 5th, 2016) and Drowning Pool Flag (Size 1,5m wide x 1m high).

HELLELUJAH is unfiltered and uncompromising, representing a band free to say, play, and do what they please, thanks to the unending support of their fans. Their shared loyalty, drive, and passion resulted in what Moreno describes as a “bad attitude record,” an album that pulls no punches with inspired confrontation. Producer Jason Suecof (All That Remains, Trivium, Demon Hunter) was the perfect man to capture the blend of metallic roots and instantly memorable choruses, riffs, and wickedly upfront lyrical assaults. The Hellelujah songs (with more contributions from all four members than ever) pulse with the power of all that’s come before and a reinvigorated hunger for the future. Drowning Pool celebrate the past while firmly focused on the present, coalescing into a brightly lit artistic future.

1 Push
2 By The Blood
3 Drop
4 Hell To Pay
5 We Are The Devil
6 Snake Charmer
7 My Own Way
8 Goddamn Vultures
9 Another Name
10 Sympathy Depleted
11 Stomping Ground
12 Meet The Bullet
13 All Saints Day

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