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Koj "Home" CD


As a closely interwoven trio they create dark, emotional soundscapes that captivate the listener. KOJ are children of the 90s and love the rock music of that time, which is reflected in the raw emotionality of their songs. KOJ wrap their musical essence in minimalistic and fine sound garments, which remind of triphop in some places and let the feeling lead the listener. The band shows itself sometimes unbending, sometimes fragile, sometimes self-confident. KOJ don‘t gloss over their songs, they are raw and to the point. In countless songwriting and recording sessions KOJ have
worked on their sound world and created their musical home together with engineer and producer Beray Habip. An intimate and personal image of the soul life of three people has been created in the process. KOJ want to understand where they come from, where they are going and how they can exist in this world.

(release date: August 21st, 2020)

1. Stars
2. Home
3. Pamela
4. Jenny
5. Human Love
6. Thunder
7. Unscarred
8. Scarlett

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