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Madina Lake "World War III" CD


For Madina Lake, "World War III" (Release: October 7th, 2011) closes one chapter and opens another. The Chicago quartet of twin brothers Nathan [Vocals] and Matthew Leone [Bass, Vocals], Mateo Camargo [Guitar, Programming], and Dan Torelli [Drums] has endured more in the past two years than most artists will experience over the course of an entire career. Since they released their sophomore full-length, 2009's Attics To Eden, there were moments of tragedy. There were moments of terror. There were moments of trepidation. There were moments of triumph. All of those moments have been captured in the band's entrancing and enthralling third epic, World War III.


1 Howdy Neighbor!
2 Imagineer
3 They're Coming For Me
4 Hey Superstar
5 Fireworks
6 Across 5 Oceans
7 We Got This
8 What It Is To Wonder
9 Heroine
10 Blood Red Flags
11 Take Me Or Leave
12 The Great Divide

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