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Razz "With Your Hands We'll Conquer" CD


CD (Release: October 30th, 2015) comes in a Super Jewel Case.

Razz are not a product. They are a band. A young Indie Rock band from Northern Germany, to be precise, on the verge of becoming a sensation off the cuff.
If Razz were a season, they'd be one of summer's last bright days, carrying the warmth of the sun alongside the decline of autumn. If Razz were a girl, they wouldn't be aloof yet proud – the type of girl everyone falls for without making her conceited. If Razz were a band, they'd be German's most promising Indie Rock newcomer for years. Wait a minute, they are a band already. So that's settled then.

1 Black Feathers
2 1953 - Hillary
3 I'll Be Your Ghost
4 Blink Of An Eye
5 Turning Shadows
6 Gigantic Windows
7 Rising Tide
8 Ember & Dust
9 Youth & Enjoyment
10 Broken Gold
11 Postlude
12 The Blood Engine

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