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Reflections "Exi(s)t" CD


Reflections "Exi(s)t" CD (Release: November 25th, 2013)

Exi(s)t demonstrates a knack for the merciless deathcore onslaught of bands like Suicide Silence and (Reflections tourmates) All Shall Perish, the unrelenting bottom end crunch of the legendary Pantera and the esoteric/atmospheric trippy experimentalism of France’s Gojira. The progressive virtuoso guitar playing of Patrick Somoulay and Charles Caswell rivals the topmost of what the scene has to offer, as the fluidly dynamic bass work of Francis Xayana and the masterful drumming of Cam Murray lay an unshakeable foundation upon which Jake Foster unleashes his vocals.


1. Exit
2. Delirium
3. Vain Words From Empty Minds
4. Bridges
5. My Cancer
6. Lost Pages
7. Candle
8. This House
9. Stories Through Storms
10. Exist

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