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Siamese "Super Human" CD


The award-winning Danish pop-metal-crossover renegades have a brand new album “Super Human” ready, the successor of “Shameless” which flawlessly mixed R’n’B and metalcore and was widely acclaimed by the media. “Shameless” made the band known outside the borders of Denmark and let them play sold-out shows in Japan, UK and Germany. With “Super Human” the band is continuing where they stopped with “Shameless”, showcasing their trademark choruses, no-nonsense compositions and the cheekiness to make Siamese every elitist's guilty pleasure. For fans of the band, the new material will hit home but with heavier edges.
(release date: May 24th, 2019)

1. B.A.N.A.N.A.S.
2. Ocean Bed
3. Super Human feat. Olivio
4. Animals
5. You‘re Not Alone
6. Give Me Up
7. Party Monster
8. Unified
9. Not Coming Home

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