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Image of The Hirsch Effekt "Eskapist" Fanbox Black Edition

The Hirsch Effekt "Eskapist" Fanbox Black Edition

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"Eskapist" Fanbox incl. 2LP Gatefold (180g, black vinyl, printed innersleeves), CD Edition, instrumental CD, canvas, "Eskapist" magazine (in German), polaroid and stickers.

After their breathless “Holon” album trilogy, The Hirsch Effekt have probably crafted their most extreme, darkest and most complex chapter, which goes by the name of "Eskapist". Socially critical, caustically political and musically overwhelming, the fourth album from the Hanoverian band is truly a lesson in progressive metal, prog and core.

01. Lifnej
02. Xenophotopia
03. Natans
04. -Coda-
05. Berceuse
06. Tardigrada
07. -Nocturne-
08. Aldebaran
09. Inukshuk
10. -Autio-
11. Lysios
12. Acharej

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