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Image of The Hirsch Effekt "Holon: Agnosie" CD

The Hirsch Effekt "Holon: Agnosie" CD


Available as CD (Release: April 20th, 2015) in a Super Jewel Case.

The Hirsch Effekt have realized their philosophical dream of outdoing perimeters and pigeonholing. The band's musical spectrum, ranging from Hardcore, Chamber Music, Death
Metal, Jazz, Electronica, Pop to any other imaginable genre, is being completely deconstructed, and woven into a highly individualistic mash-up of its own. For the sake of the third studio album, the trio once again collaborated with producers Max Trieder and Tim Tautorat (The Kooks, Manic Street Preachers, David Hasselhoff, Westernhagen). The album displays the band's most contrasty work to date, at the same time being their shortest long player.

1 Simurgh 03:07
2 Jayus 02:47
3 Agnosie 07:11
4 [Chelicera] 00:35
5 Bezoar 06:32
6 Tombeau 06:32
7 Emphysema 05:03
8 [Defaetist] 01:04
9 Fixum 06:16
10 Athesie 05:19
11 [Tischje] 01:39
12 Dysgeusie 03:07
13 Cotard 09:08

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