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Image of The Hirsch Effekt "Holon"-Trilogy LP-Bundle

The Hirsch Effekt "Holon"-Trilogy LP-Bundle


The complete "Holon"-Trilogy of The Hirsch Effekt as LP-Bundle plus T-Shirt. Includes 6 LP + download codes and one exclusive T-shirt.

"Holon: Hiberno" (Release: August 7th, 2015):
In 2010, hanover-based The Hirsch Effekt caused a sensation in the german music scene with their debut album "Holon: Hiberno". Their homogeneous mix of genres, ranging from metal to chamber music, impressed critics and music lovers alike and quickly became the band's trademark.

1 Epistel/Calmo
2 Epistel/Vigoroso
3 Nex
4 Intervallum: Pulsus
5 Zoetrop
6 Lentevelt
7 Intervallum: Cadentia
8 Laxamentum/Assorto
9 Laxamentum/Agitato
10 Laxamentum/Requiem
11 Intervallum: Motette
12 Vituperator
13 Intervallum: Litus
14 Hiberno
15 Arcanum
16 Epitaph/Meno
17 Epitaph/Lugubre
18 Epitaph/Maestoso

"Holon: Anamnesis" (Release: March 18th, 2016):
The 2LP-version contains the re-release of "Holon: Anamnesis" in a double gatefold with transparent 180g vinyl including a bonus DVD (PAL) and CD in a paper sleeve.

As the only german-speaking Album, "Holon: Anamnesis" has been chosen into the Top20 of all time by the readers of VISIONS. Right behind classics like Nirvanas „Nevermind“, Tools „Ænima“, The Mars Voltas „De-Loused In The Comatorium“ and Rage Against The Machines „Self-Titled“.

01 Anamnesis
02 Limerent
03 Absenz
04 Agitation
05 Ligaphob
06 Mara
07 Irrath
08 Ira
09 Datorie

"Holon: Agnosie" (Release: April 20th, 2015):
Available as Double Gatefold Vinyl incl. clear 180g vinyls, printed innersleeves and CD in a paper-sleeve.

The Hirsch Effekt have realized their philosophical dream of outdoing perimeters and pigeonholing. The band's musical spectrum, ranging from Hardcore, Chamber Music, Death Metal, Jazz, Electronica, Pop to any other imaginable genre, is being completely deconstructed, and woven into a highly individualistic mash-up of its own. For the sake of the third studio album, the trio once again collaborated with producers Max Trieder and Tim Tautorat (The Kooks, Manic Street Preachers, David Hasselhoff, Westernhagen). The album displays the band's most contrasty work to date, at the same time being their shortest long player.

1 Simurgh
2 Jayus
3 Agnosie
4 [Chelicera]
5 Bezoar
6 Tombeau
7 Emphysema
8 [Defaetist]
9 Fixum
10 Athesie
11 [Tischje]
12 Dysgeusie
13 Cotard

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