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The Human Abstract "Digital Veil" CD


The Human Abstract "Digital Veil" (Release: June 20th, 2011)

Harmony, melody, classical infusions and breakneck anthemic metal collide across a wide spectrum of compositions throughout Digital Veil. The opening track alone boasts four part guitar harmonies, two classical guitars and a diverse array of color and textures not normally found in the genre. Careening unfettered into territories both familiar and unknown, the record makes its way to album closer "Patterns," possessed with a particular chromatic harmony that will challenge, unnerve and ultimately empower while lyrically exploring ideas about identity, personal transformation and purpose.


1. Elegiac
2. Complex Terms
3. Digital Veil
4. Faust
5. Antebellum
6. Holographic Sight
7. Horizon To Zenith
8. Patterns

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