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Image of The Intersphere "Collection" LP-Bundle

The Intersphere "Collection" LP-Bundle


Bundle contains "Interspheres >< Atmospheres", "Hold On, Liberty!" and "Relations In The Unseen" all as Double Gatefold Vinyl incl. black 180g vinyls, printed innersleeves and CD in a paper-sleeve plus an exclusive T-Shirt.

Tracklisting "Interspheres >< Atmospheres" (Release: February 19th, 2010):
01. right through me
02. prodigy composers
03. ghostwriter
04. snapshot
05. early bird
06. in satellites
07. I have a place for you on google earth
08. interspheres atmospheres
09. state of the divine
10. soapbubbles in the rain
11. the far out astronaut
12. tear down the walls
13 prodigy composers (Toenit RMX)
14 masquerade (acoustic version)
15 ghostwriter (acoustic version)
16 capitall (acoustic version)

Tracklisting "Hold On, Liberty!" (Release: January 20th, 2012):
01. masquerade
02. we are
03. sleeping god
04. hold on, liberty!
05. OPalinE
06. capitall
07. open end
08. parallel lines
09. over
10. aurora
11. destination

Tracklisting "Relations In The Unseen" (March 7th, 2014):
01. Relations in the Unseen
02. Thanks for nothing
03. The Ones we never knew
04. Out of phase
05. Panic waves
06. Joker
07. Tonight
08. Origin: Unknown
09. Walk on broken glass
10. The ghost of a chance
11. ...like it is
12. Golden mean

(Shirt will look similar to the mock up)

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