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The Intersphere "Hold On, Liberty!" CD


Available as Standard CD.

On "Hold on, Liberty" (Release: January 20th, 2012) The Intersphere has developed their style between boundless energy, rigorously complex songwriting and melodic esthetics. And almost irreverently, they succeed in giving their catchy melodies and rousing songs true depth and complexity. On top of all this, they capped their perfectionist tendencies by recording the entire album - in seven days - completely live in the studio. No corrections and no fixed edges - making this a subtly warm and engaging listen for realists as well as dreamers alike.

1 masquerade
2 we are
3 sleeping god
4 hold on, liberty!
5 OPalinE
6 capitall
7 open end
8 parallel lines
9 over
10 aurora
11 destination

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