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Image of The Intersphere "Interspheres >< Atmospheres" CD

The Intersphere "Interspheres >< Atmospheres" CD


CD (Release: February 19th, 2010) comes in a super jewel case incl. 4 Bonus Tracks.

The avid listener can detect the trails left by 40 years of rock history and still be surprised by The Intersphere’s strongest talent: they have created a distinctly original sound that is in¬fluenced but not dominated by others. The Intersphere mix art rock with alternative, throw in a bit of spring reverb that oats the psychedelic guitars and creates a sound that is beyond hippie beatitude. Powerful and post-rock-modern, their sound creates the image and smell of thrashing mobs in sweaty t-shirts in small clubs and on summer festivals.

Tracklisting CD Edition:
1 right through me
2 prodigy composers
3 ghostwriter
4 snapshot
5 early bird
6 in satellites
7 I have a place for you on google earth
8 interspheres atmospheres
9 state of the divine
10 soapbubbles in the rain
11 the far out astronaut
12 tear down the walls
13 prodigy composers (Toenit RMX)
14 masquerade (acoustic version)
15 ghostwriter (acoustic version)
16 capitall (acoustic version)

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