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Image of The Low Frequency In Stereo "Pop Obskura" CD

The Low Frequency In Stereo "Pop Obskura" CD


The band has set out to create a timeless, song- and vocals oriented artpop-album for a seasoned audience. Let's say compost rock meeting 60's cellar decadence. All in all it shows a cooler and subtler approach than the noisier venture of its predecessors, invoking associations to Broadcast, Yo La Tengo, Electreland and Stereolab. References nonwithstanding, however, the tracks are of course all wrapped in the unique and easily identifiable soundscape guise that is and has always been The Low Frequency in Stereo. (Release: October 4th, 2013)

1 Elevated / Desecrated 3:51
2 Colette (Subie Subie) 3:52
3 Curly Hair 4:12
4 Cybernautic 4:05
5 Black Receiver 3:32
6 Satellites In Sight 5:42
7 Ionic Nerve Grip 5:27
8 White Echo 4:32
9 Secondhand Nation 5:48

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