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Image of The Royal "Seven" CD-Bundle #2

The Royal "Seven" CD-Bundle #2


Bundle #2 contains The Royal "Seven" CD in Digipak (Release: March 31st, 2017) and the exclusive "Rope" shirt (printed on Gildan Softstyle).

THE ROYAL - a band that takes the best of a wide variety of subgenres in metal and presents a fresh and unique cross-over
into today’s scene, will unleash their very first label released record “Seven” on Long Branch Records in 2017. After forming
the band late in 2012 these 5 ambitious young men began writing and recording songs DIY and displayed incredible promise
through songs that showcase poignant and powerful writing. They self-released their EP, „Origins“, in 2012 and their single,
„Blind Eye“, in 2013, followed by their first full-length “Dreamcatchers” in 2014, also self-released. In the course of this release they played supportshows for acts like Architects and Breakdown Of Sanity and gained attention at festivals like Jera On
Air and Impericon Festival. This band fuses metal, groove and melody and delivers it in an advanced manner. This, combined
with their flowing and thoughtful lyrics and their stellar live performance, shows that The Royal is a force to be reckoned with.


1. Thunder
2. Feeding Wolves (feat. Carlo Knöpfel)
3. Wildmind
4. Creeds And The Vultures
5. Counterculture
6. Interlude
7. Seven
8. Life Breaker
9. Thalassa
10. Draining Veins
11. Viridian

(Shirt will look similar to the mock-up)

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