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Uneven Structure "Paragon" LP


The LP Edition comes with black Vinyl including a Download Code.

Hailing from France, one of the biggest emerging markets and breeding stock for bands within the Metal and Progressive Rock scene, Uneven Structure was formed in May 2008 from the willing of Benoit Friedrich and Igor Omodei to finally bring the technically enhanced and progressive music they had been working on for themselves alive. The sound they were aiming to create was a one of a kind merger of groovy polyrhythmic guitar riffs with a huge slick of ambient guitar leads, which with no doubt they accomplished.
"Paragon" crystallizes an age of newfound maturity, a vision clearer than ever, and the need for Uneven Structure to expose its genuine inner self. With rock-solid foundations and an iron handedly curated team of devoted partners surrounding the entity, this upcoming opus is set to break the boundaries and overcome any obstacles that might be thrown on the way, only to be brought to everyone that needs this music in their lives.
(release date: October 18th, 2019)

Side A
01. Magician
02. Hero
03. Innocent

Side B
04. Caregiver
05. Outlaw
06. Explorer

Side C
07. Creator
08. Ruler
09. Jester

Side D
10. Sage
11. Lover
12. Everyman

(LP will look similar to the mock-up)

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